Tuesday, June 15, 2004

MC5 featuring Mark Arm & Evan Dando

Kick out the jams, mutherfucker!
Bowery Ballroom, New York

The sadly non-rhyming DKT/MC5 show was quite the affair. First, may I please express to you how overjoyed I was to learn that there is NO SMOKING at bars in New York. Oh my god just knowing that I would walk out of there not smelling like an ashtray was worth the HOLY CHRIST 25 DOLLAR admission fee.

This really had the feeling of being an industry show. I've been to a lot of old fart rocker shows, and lots of people who don't go out anymore usually come out of the woodwork for these things. I bet there were a bunch of famous people there that I didn't recognize because I rarely recognize famous people.

You know those weird moments where a guy catches your eye and then looks away and then sort of does a double take and looks back at you and you think "hey, this cute guy is checking me out" and then he walks toward you and RIGHT past you to someone who was standing six inches from you the whole time? Yeah, that happened.

The men outnumbered the women at this show 3 to 1 easily. I bet that's because a lot of the women were at home taking care of the kids. Kind of an older crowd, naturally.

I took a break to go downstairs to the bar to text my friend, and saw a couple of people on the couchy things not just drunk but full-on sleeping. One girl looked like a rockabilly chick with horn rimmed glasses and bangs and the whole bit. I wondered if she paid the 25 dollars to get in, or was comped like half the crowd.

Mark is such a rocker guy, but I really worry about his voice. Surely he will lose it completely one day from all the screaming. When he did actually sing it was so refreshing.

Evan's hair was SO shiny, you could practically see a reflection of the whole crowd right on the side of his head. He was kind of drunk though, which we all realized only after he fell down for like the 40th time. He made it look theatrical and on-purpose the first 35 times, he is that good.

One of my friends is friends with Mark, and he wanted to say hi right after the show. So he walks over to the stage door and calls "Mark! Mark!" but Mark doesn't hear him. Instead, this other guy really wants to get to Evan, and he's yelling "Evan! Evan!" and amazingly Evan does actually hear him, and he comes down the steps to see what the hell this guy wants. But what this guy wants is to beat the shit out of Evan. So Evan grabs a stool and, lion-tamer-like, jabs it toward this guy. The guy gets past the stool and manages to grab a chunk of Evan's hair. My friend, who is right behind Crazy Guy, succeeds in grabbing both of his wrists so that Evan can get away. And then Security Guy gets in the mix, and they all fall over like dominoes right into a garbage can full of beer bottles. CAH-RASHHH! It was quite the scene!


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