Friday, August 26, 2005

American Idols Live! 2005

Washington knows something about love!!
Everett Entertainment Center, Everett, WA

Idol class of 2005, where is your school spirit? Last year you brought signs by the dozen, you screamed when your favorite Idol took to the stage, and you cheered when the group carted out Prince medleys and Outkast covers. This year you sit tamely, only standing when the people in front of you stand, only screaming until your mom tells you to be quiet. Sure, there are a few great homemade signs here, but more than half of them are the crappy half-premade signs that sponsor Pop Tarts has set up in the lobby where you write the name of your favorite Idol above a pre-printed “rocks!”.

I think we are witnessing signs of an aging franchise. The set isn’t as elaborate, the crowd is a little older (and way more men this year – last year there were a lot of middle aged gals here, but this time they brought their husbands), and there is not NEARLY enough freaking out. Maybe this had to do with tripling my row count (from 9 last year to 27 this year), and maybe it had to do with the lack of Bo.

When Scott (the Disillusioned Idol) gets up to announce that Bo will not be performing, the half of the crowd who hasn't heard responds with a concerned “ohhhhh”. But Scott speaks so gravely that the other people who already know about Bo’s recent surgery grip themselves for news of Bo’s untimely death. We realize right quick that Scott is SUPREMELY JEALOUS of Bo sitting at home being waited on by his mom. At least we have Constantine.

Like the domestiques in the Tour de France, the lower placing Idols are carted out first, setting the stage for Carrie. Since each person performs 3 songs by themselves then goes back to the green room to relax, it means that no one is on stage for more than, say, 20 minutes. This is not the arduous performance schedule that Fox put the kids through last year. It also means fewer group numbers, fewer duets, and fewer opportunities to make me cringe.

Despite my nitpicking, the ardent fans seem not to mind the show at all. It is a pleasant show featuring pleasant songs (ok REALLY BLAND songs – just look at this set list). They make up for Bo’s absence by showing his performance from another city up on the big screens, and it’s pretty much like he’s right there. But the whole thing makes me wonder how long the love for the Idols will last. Personally, I’m ready for a new reason to join the girls in screaming themselves hoarse.


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