Saturday, June 19, 2004

Graig Markel, Robert Roth, Pleasure Club

On Being a Show Muse
Sunset Tavern, Seattle

My assumption (and therefore irrefutable fact) about lead singers of bands is that they like to pick a person or two in the crowd to direct some of their swoonier songs to. If they have a little bit of stage fright or are having trouble focusing or directing energy that night, making eye contact can help settle them.

Last night I was briefly the show muse, but then was subtly fired when I didn't hold up my end of the bargain. See, to be a good show muse you need to return the eye contact to said lead singer. Your focus may not waver to, say, the art on the wall or to the person with pink hair on the other side of the room who looks vaguely familiar. If you, as show muse, break eye contact with the singer, you will be subtly dismissed and a new show muse will be sought out.

It is not necessary to meet the lead singer in person after working as a show muse during his or her set. Some people make this mistake, and it creates an awkward situation for the singer. It's okay to leave them alone and let them preserve their sexy person feeling while they are on stage.

Meeting igDana was very nice. She's a smart cookie.

After Graig played I noticed this girl who was chummy with Graig's bass player, so I assumed they were girlfriend-boyfriend. But then Graig comes up and gives her a huge close hug. And later Reggie sees her and gives her a huge hug too. All the musicians in the room seemed to know and be compelled to hug her. So I named her Girlfriend To The Stars.

GTTS was VERY well coiffed, like she had obviously taken a second shower and blow-dried her hair right before coming to the show. This is unusual, as it indicates a higher level of primping than most of us normally execute before entering a smoky bar. She was wearing a dress and slingback heels. I wonder if her efforts were appreciated by all the boyfriends. I sure hope so.

Later in the evening when Pleasure Club was playing (very very good showmen with nice hair), a fellow emerged from the front of the crowd and came up to me saying, "blah blah you blah that guy blah blah." I wear earplugs at these shows and it was already pretty loud so I have NO idea what he said to me. He kept walking. I had the feeling that he was delivering a message to me from someone else either near the front or on the stage. I wonder if my departure from the Sunset about 5 minutes later offended this mystery message originator. I'll never know.


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