Thursday, October 20, 2005

Eurofever - Abba and Bee Gees tributes

Jive Talkin' Dancin' Queen
Triple Door, Seattle, WA

Quick - where is the best place for a superfan to watch a show that is also the most frustrating place for a Fanalyst to watch a show? That's right - the front row. And what makes it even worse is that this show is so engaging that turning around to look at people almost feels wasteful. Every time I do, people stare back at me as if to say "what the hell are you LOOKING AT? The show is the OTHER WAY AROUND."

This show unites two groups in a benefit for MusiCares Hurricane Relief: Dancin' Queen, an incredibly faithful Abba tribute band, and Jive Talkin', a Bee Gees tribute band with slightly lower-quality wigs. Both bands are backed up by luminary Seattle musicians, including a horn section. They are doing two shows tonight, and that's it.

The Triple Door, while nice, is a bit anti-social in that it's mostly high-backed booths, making it hard to interact with anyone other than your own party. So I'm pleased to see two booths of husky gay men settle in behind our counter and start hollering immediately. Next to them is a booth of girls who are all dressed up and fabulous, and down the aisle is a mixed gender group who looks like they don't know what they got themselves into.

Dancin' Queen is first up, and I am THRILLED that in addition to being wonderful vocalists, they are putting on Swedish accents for their minimal banter. Every number is choreographed, and both girls wear white 70s outfits and platform boots. One of the gals does some eye-locking with my friend, who credits his excellent striped shirt. Abba wrote some dang catchy songs, and as the show goes on, the singing-along increases.

Jive Talkin' is next, and can I just tell you that the older I get, the more brilliant I recognize the Bee Gees to be. People are starting to sing along and scream, but you have not heard men screaming until faux-Barbra Streisand joins faux-Barry on stage to sing Guilty. The boys behind us are freaking out. The all-girl booth next to them are excited, but the mixed-gender booth is just not getting it. Then I realize, oh, these poor people haven't had their show-enhancing THREE VODKA TONICS yet. Further arm and votive-waving occurs when faux-Dolly Parton comes on stage for Islands in the Stream (Bee Gees - did you know that?).

My only small gripe with Jive Talkin' is their song order. They build you up with great songs that make you *almost* get out of your chair, then they slow it back down again. It should be an arc, not spikes. But they pull it together for the last three songs, and we are finally dancing in the aisles. Happy and grooving, one of the husky guys twirls me because "you looked like you needed a twirl! Woo!!"


Anonymous DJE said...

Killer first paragraph, by the way. (As I write: "Sara Smile"/Hall and Oates. Next big cover band-in-the-waiting. Jesus, this guy can sing.)

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