Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Future Pigeon

Cool Bodies, Hot Feet
Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA

The primary feature of the Getty Center is: the Getty Center. It barely matters what is inside the buildings (art, research, etc.) due to the outside being so purposeful and stately and architecturey. Besides, you have to pay to park your car at the bottom and take a tram up to the top of the hill, so that means actual Effort, for which We The People should be compensated by means of aesthetics.

Since the museum is a landmark unto itself and admission is free, daytimes are populated by members of the general public who would never consider visiting other galleries like the MOCA. They are here to see Richard Meier's work even though they've never heard of Richard Meier. They will make a quick breeze through the galleries to look at the works of Monet and Van Gogh just so they can say they've seen them. And then they'll go outside and scream for their kids to STOP STEPPING ON THE FLOWERS.

Aside from art/architecture, the Getty hosts other events in a courtyard that thankfully boasts cocktails and heat lamps. Tonight's double bill is called "Aesthetics of Risk Concert: Future Pigeon and The Red Krayola." It quickly becomes clear that the Aesthetics will be provided by the audience and not by the band, and that Risk will be conveyed through lack of sound-checking or rehearsals. As show time nears, the Public makes their way back to the tram station, and the Beautiful People amble into the Getty courtyard.

Please can we take one moment and talk about the preponderance of Ugg boots? These things keep coming back into style every few years and they WILL NOT DIE. Unless you are 15 and wearing a micro-mini on your way to a Boredoms show, they do not look good on you. During this show I am aghast to see them on this guy, along with his short shorts and shaved legs. Nooooooo.....

For every unfortunate Ugh Boot there are ten people who look like they just arrived from a fashion shoot. I consider asking one woman if I can take her picture as a reference for how I want to look when I'm 60. Other famous-template people stroll by who I would recognize if I was an entirely different person who had facial recognition skills. Impossibly hip musician-type daddies monitor the Frankendance of their toddlers, and black garments in every available shape are heaped upon emaciated frames. (Oh, and skinny jeans are back. crapcrapcrap.)

The crowd didn't quite match up with the noodling reggae on the stage, but it hardly mattered. Content is content, whether it be music, art, or literature. The important things here tonight are style and environment. As long as those two principles are supported by heaps of cash and cosmetics, we'll listen to the guitar feedback, sip our bellinis, and dance.


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