Sunday, June 20, 2004

Greenwood Allstars

Bulges, gorillas, and teeny ears
Fremont Fair, Seattle

Pete has happy rock star attitude and golf caddy looks. Today he had something big in the front pocket of his checked shorts that sort of looked like two golf balls but turned out to be his cel phone. The bulge swung to and fro as Pete rocked on stage.

I worry about the babies and toddlers who are brought by their parents to loud rock shows. These wee ones have developing ears that are susceptible to damage. Do mom and dad give them earplugs or headphones? They do not. They instead dance them around believing that they are instilling a new love of music that will last them a lifetime. I just worry, that's all.

Does sunshine + keyboard players always = Tommy Bahama shirts? I think so.

Jake L walked right up to the stage and stood there for MAYBE three seconds before walking directly back to his NVLB booth. Not even a head nod to the band. He said later that he "barely made it through" the set. Whatever that means.

Kudos to the special guest in the gorilla costume who danced around to the point of heat exhaustion, then got on stage and played a guitar solo. Fred, who was MC'ing the stage today deadpanned, "Gorilla suits are always funny. Period."


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