Saturday, September 18, 2004

Mountain Con, Heather Duby, Kuma

Rockin' the Caboose
Neumo's, Seattle

There is already an excellent crowd at Neumo's when we arrive, and Kuma is on stage. It is again one of those shows that other musicians attend - musicians who are clearly notable and get approached by fans who know exactly who they are unlike myself.

The lead singer Bre is a great performer, but what is most incredible is her hair. It's black in front, and blonde in the back. It must be like having a really cool tattoo on your lower back that you never actually see but that other people compliment you for once in a while, and then you go "oh yeah!" like your own body is a little gift.

Once Kuma leaves the stage, we notice a large-ish Wild Rose contingent at the back of the club where we are standing. Is Bre famous in the lesbian community? The gals are all excited to be there and support Kuma, but they don't pay much attention to Heather Duby as she takes the stage. Most of the attention is directed inward to their own group, and they dirty dance with each other and random boys that walk by. Then one of the gals goes off to her own space and dances with her can of Red Bull.

My date leans over and says that he was just petted by a woman "all they way down to my caboose!" We look around and see quite a bit of caboose-petting and grabbing in general. It's an affectionate crowd. Oh - we also notice a giant plume of smoke near the door, and we figure that the garbage can is on fire. When no one runs over with a fire extinguisher, we realize that it's just cigarette smoke. Affectionate, but heavy-smoking.

It should be noted that Steve Fisk is playing with Heather's band. He is wicked famous, but of course I had to have someone point out to me which one he is ("the old one"). Later Steve will barrel out of the club really fast, whacking two people with his stool in his rush to the front door. Clearly he does not wish to be approached by earnest and well-meaning fans.

It must be hard to maintain the attention of a crowd when you, as the lead singer, are seated. I could see everyone else in the band just fine, but I had to pogo a bit to see Heather at all. I wonder if she's ever tried a contraption for her keyboard that lets her stand up. It would be nice to look at her.

Mountain Con finally takes the stage, and suddenly we are at a Big! Rock! Show! One gal in the middle of the crowd keeps switching her hands from index-pinkie rock salute to double-bird. Is the double-bird a new sign of respect? It's weird. The band generally kick every single caressed and uncaressed caboose in the house, and the lead singer looks just like the logo on the Mountain Con t-shirt except that he has a real mouth and not a barcode.

You know those stage lights that are really bright and swirl around all through the show, roving from the stage to the crowd and back again? The ones where each light contains like 10 streams of little lights? With the right amount of smoke in the room they can make you feel like you're in a huge stadium instead of a small club. However, these lights sometimes point STRAIGHT into your EYES. So in rapid intervals you go: rock! - I'M BLIND!! - rock! - I'M BLIND!! - rock! But it always ends with rock.


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