Friday, July 23, 2004

Scissor Sisters

Please God, Let No One Yell "Fire"
Neumo's, Seattle, WA

Here is the first of many times I will mention that it was an OVEN at Neumo's. Oh and by the way, if you were wondering about the scary clown and people faces that used to adorn the walls of the old Moe's, they are preserved in the absolute worst place possible - right behind the stage. This means you end up looking at them the WHOLE TIME you are trying to actually look at the band.

This crowd was interesting - there was a very clear split between the earnest fans who knew all of the Scissor Sisters' songs, and the hangers-on. The true fans were shaggy, sweaty, and wore old concert shirts and other t-shirts with writing on them. The hangers-on were there because their friend told them that this was THE show to attend this summer and they had BETTER be there if they wanted any kind of indie cred later on. These were mostly girls, and they wore things like bikini tops and berets with matching ponytail holders, and they drank mixed drinks instead of beer.

The band did indeed rock and the guitar player was a darling hoochie boy, but the overwhelming takeaway from the show was sweltering oppressive heat. There was someone near me text messaging on her phone during practically the whole show. I imagine the messages went something like this:

GIRL: omg it's so hot. where are you?
FRIEND: by the pole
GIRL: what pole? i can't move, too crowded
FRIEND: omg it's so hot.

By the time they played their (brilliant) cover of Comfortably Numb, I was praying that there would be no incident related to health or pyrotechnics in the room. Panic would NOT be a good thing in there.

Nor, frankly, is drinking and smoking. Okay now I understand that it's a BAR and everything, but unless you are seven feet tall like the person directly to my left who is able to smoke and drink over the heads of everyone else, that kind of activity causes elbows to elbow and bottles to whack the heads and backs of people around you. Hold off for a few minutes! Go out to the other room! Jeez!

The show started early and ended early, which really surprised me. Maybe it was because they have, oh, ONE album. It reminded me of seeing The Low and Sweet Orchestra way back when. Awesome band + one record worth of material = short show.

The band inspired heavy pre-show audience milling about outside, and post-show "maybe they'll come out and talk to us" milling about as well. Now that's some power, particularly for a band whose big hit sounds exactly like an Elton John song.

Still, the audience saw something rare and special tonight, and they won't forget it. At least until they wash the sweat off.


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