Friday, July 30, 2004

Radio Nationals, Dear John Letters, The More

Boy Fashion and Jumping Pants
Crocodile Cafe, Seattle

This was not the show where I expected to have THREE separate conversations about fashion with straight men, but it turned out to be just that. As soon as I walked into the Croc, this kinda large guy notices my t-shirt from this store, and tells me that he found a similar one, but that it only came in "European medium" so he didn't buy it. And then we talked about body awareness and that maybe bigger people should avoid smaller shirts. It was a bizarre conversation, but I'm sure glad he didn't try to squeeze that teeny shirt on his large-ish frame.

Only about 12 people got there early enough to see The More play, but I bet way more people would have shown up if they knew how ADORABLE this band is. And two of them even wore matching shirts!

Have to admit that I completely missed the set of Dear John Letters (who I love) as I was in the cafe part chatting with people. So here's the other fashion stuff. First, a guy walks by me and says "nice shirt". I only realize later that he is wearing an almost IDENTICAL shirt and so we bond a bit more over that. I have never seen a man in that shirt, so it was almost off-putting. Particularly since he was a sort of manly man.

And then my friend shows me his cute new shoes which brought him an immense amount of joy. The shoes are so amazing and unique that they are nowhere to be found online. Score! We discussed how approximately one in eight people in Seattle now look familiar to us. He added that some of the ones at the Croc look like they came straight from the 1950s when smoking was recommended by doctors.

Okay so music, right. Finally the Radio Nationals took the stage, and after watching Jared drink beer in the cafe for 2 hours prior, I cannot believe he was able to remember the words to his songs. It was pretty impressive. But one thing I wonder: does alcohol make some men's hair greasy, or do you only notice the existing greasiness after you realize they are drunk?

The band displayed some really nice moves and even a little bit of choreography, but it didn't rouse the audience to do much more than some knee-dancing. It was good to know that their performance was being well-documented by two video cameras and two still photographers, but after some of their tech problems and Jared's hair I wonder how they are feeling about that today.

Hey have you ever experienced a show where the kick drum is so perfectly tuned and loud that you feel each beat in your pants? And I don't mean that in a sexual way at all, just that the fabric of your pants kind of jumps while your body stays put. It probably only happens with loose-fitting pants, but it's a nice feeling. It's like your clothing is telling your body to just accept the music and for chrissakes MOVE.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have definitely heard a perfect bass drum sound but don't remember whether I felt it in my pants. I suspect that the configuration of your legs and the pants found a sympathetic vibration in that perfect drum. Wonderous... I did hear a perfect bass drum sound recently, though - The Melvins at last weekend's Capitol Hill blcok party. Yeah! Hit you right in the gut and made one of my companions have to go to the bathroom really badly.

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