Thursday, October 07, 2004

Earlimart, The Shore

Hair & Demographics
Crocodile, Seattle, WA

The boys taking tickets at The Crocodile assure me that I am not a loser for missing Tennis Pro's set, but in fact a double winner for still having the chance to see the two other bands on the roster: The Shore, and Earlimart. But first, there is roaming on deck.

The creepy creepy representatives of cigarette companies are on hand. Young people walking around holding tablet PCs with bar code readers attached to them does not say "fun!" to me. One of them walks up to a smoker at a table nearby and says, "hey! Want a free lighter?" The smoker says, "uhh, what do I have to do for it?" "Oh, just answer a few questions. No big deal." "Uh, okay I guess." "Great! So can I have your ID?" Now I'm not exactly sure what personal data is included on the Rorschach strip on the back of my drivers license, but there is no way in HELL that I am handing it over to be scanned by a Marlboro spy. But this guy does. For a 50 cent lighter. To each his own mailing list.

Speaking of creeps, there is a large number of odd single men at this show. Like trucker caps and full beards (think lead singer of Eels from "Souljacker" era), gas station jackets and huge messenger bags, spastic self-conscious dancers, and someone's grandfather. There were just so many. It was weird.

The Shore puts on a nice set, and I am extremely pleased that lead singer Ben LOOKS LIKE A ROCK STAR. He wears a fancy shirt, a scarf with gold thread running through it, and has perfect Chrissie Hynde hair (which, later, in an act of boldness fueled by pear cider, the band and I discuss at length). One fan is so blissed out by their Oasis-like melodies that she develops a personal relationship with the pole behind her - hugging it and leaning and stuff. I send her wishes for a rockstar boyfriend.

The strange thing at this show is not only all the single guys, but this vague sort of demographic emanating from the crowd as Earlimart begins to play. I can't pinpoint it at first - lots of young almost-hip looking people, but clearly a bunch that rarely set foot into the Crocodile. Only when Earlimart announces that this is "the song that made 'The O.C' famous" does the connection make sense: these people learned about the band from watching the TV show. (It should be noted that the just-released soundtrack is disturbingly good, and even features Fanalyst boyfriend Patrick Park. I'm not sure how I feel about this.)

This very attentive crowd is clearly entranced by these up & coming stars. Toward the end of the show my male friend asks earnestly and too loudly, "isn't the lead singer hot in that jacket?" Two gals in front of us turn back to look at my friend and smirk, "yes, he definitely is." I heart fan bliss.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should feel good about the OC. It's a great show. Well, ok, it's really fun to watch - the writers create dialog for the kids that's far more clever than actual teenagers are and they have great taste in music! I saw a behind the scenes show about the OC, and giving new bands some great exposure is, like, so one of their goals.

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