Monday, June 21, 2004

Boyfriend accounting

Since the topic of my boyfriends will come up frequently, I figure you should know who they are.

Current boyfriends:

Jon Brion - he has been my top boyfriend for about 2 years. Multi-instrumentalist, plays with freaking everybody, created an amazing album called "Meaningless", played with The Grays, and is now creating kick-ass soundtracks. Follow his work and you will discover your new favorite band.

Jude - the sad ones are always really funny in concert. Jude has been my boyfriend for like five years. He makes albums that compel obsessive listens.

Matthew Ryan - a relatively new entry into my boyfriend list, Matthew is an excellent solo artist with a nice halfway weepy album. He puts on an excellent live show, and is friends with my quasi-boyfriend Gary Jules.

Matt Chamberlain - I just noticed how many guys named Matt are my boyfriend. Chamberlain is a drumming virtuoso and plays with a million people, including the amazing Critters Buggin. He has an adorable diary on his website, and just finished recording something (??) with Jon Brion and Sebastian Steinberg. And you have to love anyone with a band called Thruster!.

Every member of OK Go - these cutie patooties rock hard and are hilarious to boot. They worked with incredible musicians on their album, and each song is a pop jem. Watch their table tennis instructional video.

Will be boyfriends soon if they keep this up:

Mike Andrews - playing under the moniker Elgin Park, Mike is also a big soundtrack guy, worked with DJ Greyboy, and on the wonderful and perfect Donnie Darko soundtrack.

Matt Nathanson - Matt is and up & coming boyfriend of The Fanalyst. His new album is great, he has good hair, and is associated with Matt Chamberlain and Ron Aniello.

Patrick Park - his new album cover is reminiscent of an early Tom Waits record. Also from the LA scene like Matt Nathanson, Patrick makes nice heartfelt music, and Tim Easton made an appearance on the album. And he is quite beautiful.


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