Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Futureheads

Indier Than Thou
The Crocodile, Seattle

This show should have been a complete throw-down. The Futureheads are a great, high-energy band, and there are lots of young hipsters in the audience. However, two things are working against the lads from Scotland at the moment: it's Tuesday, and this is your standard Boring Indie Rock Audience. It reminds me of when I saw OK Go earlier this year - I was amazed that it wasn't a crazy pogo-fest.

A short gal with tons of curly hair stands in front of me, highly preoccupied by the act of taking the perfect photograph of the band with her digital camera. She keeps hesitating, futzing around and lining up her shots. When she finally presses the button the guys have just veered out of place, so she ends up with a bunch shots of a nearly empty stage. I think she is wearing Obsession by Imposters.

This gal clearly loves the band, and she trots out mid-set to pull a poster off the wall. Maybe in a few weeks or months she'll look back and realize that she would have enjoyed the show much more if she actually paid attention to the music rather than getting caught up with the rituals of loving a band. I remember doing this too. You end up with all these souveniers, but your memory of the show gets transfered to the objects rather than staying in your brain and body and ears. I'm just saying.

This crowd truly is the Indier-than-thou bunch that the bass player accuses them of being, but it's kind of nice to get back to the normal group after the Minnie Driver fiasco. One beyond-template gal does squeeze into the crowd and does the "notice-me" dance, but she is a bit too far away for the band to actually see her. I consider telling her to move up, but figure she is probably in training. (Did I mention all the GUYS doing the peacock dance at Minnie Driver? It was creepy.)

Since The Futureheads only have one album, it is necessarily a short show. I pray that some day very soon these guys get to a massive venue of screaming people where they belong.


Blogger the sund said...

Another one of those shows I only wish I squeeked out on a Wednesday night to see. You know, if I knew that someone cool was going (so I wouldn't be a lonely Gus, always feel weird by myself doing anything... except drinking and smokin' doobs) I would totally come out 'n' enjoy the musical sights.

Also... wanted to get the ball rollin' on your fab site, toots. Smooch!!

10:39 PM  

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