Friday, December 03, 2004

Butt Rock vs. New Wave Karaoke

Artful Rockstar Blurring
Chop Suey, Seattle, WA

An astonishing number of people here know EVERY SINGLE WORD to "True" by Spandau Ballet. Why? Because everyone knows that while karaoke butt rock will always trounce new wave performance-wise, we all get way more secret pleasure from belting out new wave songs and remembering our terrible proms.

This event is hosted by the lovely and talented Three Imaginary Girls, who all looked stunning as usual. Lots of people are dressed up here, which further obliterates my ability to recognize rock stars. Are the ones in the Madonna outfits/Def Leppard t-shirts/Spandex the ACTUAL rock stars, or are they regular audience members? Is that gal's Joan Jett hairdo her real hair, or is it a wig? (Turns out the gal with the dark brown version is a wig, but the other gal with the red version is SO REAL.)

Eventually I figure out that the true rock stars in the crowd are a bit dressed down, making them indistinguishable from the film hipsters I saw earlier tonight at the opening for 911. My world for uniforms.

One gal is dressed like Cher from Clueless and it makes me wonder if anyone really dressed like that back in the day, or if this audience member is parody-ing a parody in the wrong decade to boot. Either way, the look works, particularly when some butt rocker bumps into her accidentally and she spills her vodka tonic, gasping with a perfect snitty sneer and rushing to wipe off her plaid mini skirt.

The guys from The Iron Composer are here, and one of them gets up and does my ultimate karaoke dream: he sings a song but changes all the words. So Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend" is now about the cast of the Iron Composer. He must have been practicing for like a YEAR. I would get completely distracted by the crowd trying to sing the original lyrics and the video monitor reinforcing that NO, THESE are the correct words. So nicely done.

Sean Nelson (who I swear sings all over the Long Winters' CD but you can barely hear him) gets a ton of audience members on the stage with him for Safety Dance. As you know, people love participation, so it's doubly satisfying to watch regular folks up on the stage pogo-ing behind Sean. His performance is one of many highlights from tonight, along with the prizes, the Santa pictures, and the happy, tight crowd that feels like it's at home.


Blogger Eric Magnuson said...

well done review, Fanalyst. I feel like I know exactly what it was like to be there. Now I only wish I had been there.

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