Sunday, June 20, 2004

The Fading Collection

Fake eyelashes are go
Fremont Fair, Seattle

Branding is important at festivals. People walk around thinking about other things, and they stumble onto some random band that maybe they like, but if that band never says their own name then the people will just wander away and forget all about them. Fortunately Sarah understands this, so she said TFC's name a whole bunch of times. She also told people a lot that they had CDs for sale, and LO people walked up and bought CDs! Crazy how marketing works!

Why do some people insist on getting really close to the stage as if to indicate that they are HUGE fans and then proceed to jabber amongst themselves for the ENTIRE show? Why do I know that those girls all went to high school together and two of them to junior high and that one of them hasn't seen another one since her first date with her boyfriend which was October 13 she remembers because it was her birthday? Why? Because they were talking SO loud I could not help but to hear it all.

Fortunately, TFC was in fine form. Sarah looked like a general in a rock star army. And her eyes just popped right off her face in a good way, thanks to the makeup stylings of her friend Brandy.

I introduced myself again to Michele, and fully expect to do the same at least five more times. Some people just don't remember. It's not their fault.

Two people next to me confirmed that they were in fact watching TFC, and then talked to each other about how TFC was a bit similar to their own (unnamed) band. They were contemplative for a bit, but didn't stick around very long. The guy first did some involuntary air drumming, however. He couldn't help it. We forgive him.


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