Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Girlfriend Accounting

Fanalyst Girlfriends, you say?

Even after all these months, the list of Fanalyst Boyfriends is remarkably accurate, though I'm making the executive decision RIGHT NOW to elevate Mike Andrews into the permanent boyfriend category for reasons I'll explain later.

So now it is time to introduce the first list of Fanalyst Girlfriends. Some girlfriends have been around for a while, and some are very recent additions.

Alison Krauss - it's that VOICE. She first blew me away with her cover of Baby, Now That I've Found You. Her guitar playing is so great, her backing band so incredible, and her voice so sweet yet not syrupy that I even bought her new CD for my dad.

Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley - Jenny sings all-knowing and all-experiencing songs that sometimes make me feel naive, sometimes sad, and sometimes like I'd rather just have my way with her. I'm just saying. Also she sang on the nearly-perfect Postal Service album.

Jill Scott - So she releases this one album and it's great and all, then she takes a break for a few years to get married and have a kid, then comes back with this incredibly mature and inspiring and gorgeous album Beautifully Human. Did you see her on Ellen? She was awesome.

Queen Latifah - is there anything this woman can't do? It's more than her voice an acting ability that make me love her - it's her incredible marketing and self-promotion prowess. The gal is stretching out her fame in an interesting and ever-changing way. Rock.

Hesta Prynn of Northern State - While their new album All City isn't as fresh as their first release Dying In Stereo (for which I can't find even one review that isn't all snitty about their lack of hip-hop rule-following), I have a huge soft spot for Northern State. Hesta (real name Julie Potash) is the brainy one of the outfit. They put on a killer show.

Inara George - This is the newest entry to the list as of, like, yesterday. She's been around for a while, and her first solo album is going to drop next week. She is backed by an incredible group of musicians, including Fanalyst Boyfriend Mike Andrews, who produced the record. You can watch her recent live performance on KCRW right now, if you want. Gorgeous voice.

So there you have it. And don't go all thinking that I'm not seeing any shows these days. I am. The audiences are simply comatose and therefore not review-worthy. That should change this weekend, however.


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