Monday, March 07, 2005

Kasabian, The Music

Corneas Beware!
Neumos, Seattle, WA

The audience at this sold-out show is twittering and spazzy, and it reminds me of the Scissor Sisters show last summer: Kasabian is so completely RIGHT NOW that everyone has to rush out to see them even though it's a school night. Well, "school" is probably not the right word since these are mostly 30-somethings. In stark contrast to the Hot Hot Heat show last week, the conversations here revolve around the merits of lite beer, the horribly long lines at the bar, and who is boinking whom at work.

What I don't understand about tonight is why Kasabian is OPENING for The Music, when Kasabian is coming in to the show with approximately one jillion times more marketing, airplay, and merch. Before their set even gets underway, girls are ripping Kasabian posters off the walls and tucking them into - where? Where do big posters get tucked when the girls are wearing camisoles? I do not know.

This was one of those nights where I was a linebacker magnet, and not in a good way. Maybe these guys do a 360 rotation to see if anyone is around them, but do not tilt their heads up or down. I would benefit from a downward head tilt, boys. In the other good way.

Kasabian's music is swirly and large, and the band members wear satisfying rocker hair and shirts. One of the benefits of having a linebacker standing directly in front of you is that their bodies can protect you from the corneas-beware! rapid-fire lights of death that are annoyingly common now. These lights say "you are at an enormous rock show despite the small size of this room!" and "observe band at own risk!" It's effective however, particularly when you combine singer Tom Meighan's bravado and posturing with layered music whose instruments you can't tell apart even when you are wearing Very Expensive Earplugs.

I'm sure The Music were fantastic, but I missed them. You know when you're sick and your body is all "you are an idiot for being upright"? Ya. Need to rest up as this is March and the shows have only just begun. Lord help me.


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