Saturday, June 26, 2004

Fremont Outdoor Movie

Hurry. Up. Claire.
A parking lot, Fremont (Seattle)

I have discovered that there are audiences at all SORTS of events, including movies. The best ones are outdoor movies where you can actually see people.

This was the first night of the summer-long Fremont Outdoor Movies series. I am always highly impressed by the people who lug dinette sets, papasans, even entire couches to a parking lot to watch a movie. That level of shlepping takes dedication.

The audience featured a nice cross-section of hip 20-somethings, families, and odd men who sat alone. The families were definitely better equipped than the young folk, because families know how to prepare for things.

Right away I spotted a girl in a fake fur jacket and bright pink wig playing off to the side with this little bear marionette. Hey - aren't you supposed to be at Ladyfest? Are you on a work release program?

A game of hackeysack naturally ensued near the front while we were all waiting for it to get dark. One girl was playing in a long jean skirt which she had to keep hiked up so she wouldn't go flip right over backwards when the bag came her way. The group then altruistically invited this boy who looked like a mini Ben Gibbard to play with them. BUT then they didn't toss the bag to him the whole time! Not once! Bad hippies.

So finally John, the guy that runs the series, gets on stage to say hi and bring out the MC for the evening. He gets all amped up and says "...I'd like to introduce the great! Claire! Voyant!!" Ok now at this point you expect someone to bound on the stage, grab the mic, and get the crowd worked up really fast, right? But NOOOOO. The MC is in fact pink-hair girl. Claire begins her ARDUOUS walk to the stage, using her blasted bear marionette to "walk" her there. It took forEVER.

She finally gets to the stage and starts talking in some fake half French half Japanese accent. There will be games, she says. Fine. (oh - just then - papasan down! guy flips out of his oval wicker chair of death - recovers - he's ok) Since we're seeing vampire movie that night, the games are vampire-themed. So there's a vampire kiss contest. Fine. Hooray couple #3! Claire please god stop talking!

While the games are happening and Claire is droning on, a mildly drunk couple in their late 40s settles in behind me. Guy: "so WHY did the pilot light go off?" Gal: "He thinks he might have cut it off." Guy: "Ruth - DON'T WORRY" Ruth: "We gotta go home" Guy: "No we DON'T have to go home". This went on for a while really loudly.

Claire finally finally finished the three excruciating games and handed out some prizes (the last one to herself and her helper for best costume because no one else wore a costume). By that time I am simply amazed that people had the stamina to stay for an entire movie. The short films and the commercial at the start were enough for me.


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